• Image of Sapho in Yellow

The Sapho shoe style has its base point inspiration from the ancient greek leather sandal, with its prominent external stitching and simple rectangular upper toe support which features 3 uneven design cuts on the leather.

All leather sole and upper with rubber heel for stability. Extra buckle holes for ankle strap.

Simplistic craftmanship that is eyecatching but not overstated; cool and modern, day and night.

An elegiac poet of the first century B.C. was catalogued as one of the most respected women poets and labelled the 9th earthly muse.
Sapho wrote odes to the goddesses, especially Aphrodite -- the subject of Sapho's complete surviving ode, and love poetry, including the wedding genre (epithalamia).. She also wrote about herself, her women's community, and her times.

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