• Image of Aphrodite AYAPI- The Goddess of LOVE & BEAUTY in red 2013

No child will resist this shoe................. Introducing Aphrodite(AYAPI).
The Aphrodite AYAPI shoe style has its base point inspiration from the ancient greek leather sandal with its prominent external stitching. The heart shape upper feature symbolises love, beauty and all things our children represent and in which we adore.
Now imagine the adapatability of this shoe. Adorne with sweet party frocks for Christmas, cool block colour beachwear or mummy like kaftans. What about crisp white tights or grecian style A-line cheesecloth dresses or beaded singlets with the puffiest ballerina skirts on the market, we can go on and on with stylised pictures to come.
oh and pleated mini skirts and shiney dance tights lolol couldnt resist.

All leather, with an added rubber sole and heel for stability. A patent leather upper and an adjustable velcro ankle strap to allow children themselves to take them off and on in a heartbeat. (pardon the pun).

Simplistic craftmanship that is eyecatching but not overstated; cool and modern, day and night.

Designed in Australia in the beautiful seasonal colours of RED, WHITE and PINK.

Aphrodite is known as the Greek Goddess of love, desire, beauty, fertility, the sea, and vegetation. Aphrodite was born and arose on a large shell, which was then carried to land, thus her name being translated "foam-risen". The sea nymphs dressed her and adorned her with flowers and gold. How adorable that this child's shoe takes a name from such an admirable godess. Their have been many paintings depicting this scene in Aphrodite's name and retelling this wonderful story will leave the enchanted little girl yearning for more.

To see more pictures of the shoes on child model feet, please view our facebook page.

With every purchase of 2 or more shoes receive a free pair of shoes from our tan sample stock variety. Just specify your size (please note these styles are different to those shown on our website and we only have up to sz 30 available)