Polygon is an urban, edgy and sassy childrens shoe label.

Our Mission:
Simplistic craftmanship that is eyecatching but not overstated; cool and modern, day and night, boy or girl, beach or party.

Our Products:
Tan Shoes
Seasonal Colour Shoes
Geometric Aesthetics
All leather

Our Story
In coming up with the concept both partners had a unique admiration for organised irregularity be it in fashion decor or other elements of daily life. They loved the geometry of perfect lines and patterns and wanted to integrate this styling into a shoe range.
The summer shoe range has its base point inspiration from the greek leather sandal . The range will also incorporate other dimensions based on our geometry concept, which will include seasonal colours and styles.
The base tan range with its prominent external stitching takes us back to lengthy summers in the Aegean. The Polygon shoe range complements our own beach culture shared by us all in Australia.
The tan shoe range features simplistic craftmanship that is eyecatching but not overstated; cool and modern, day and night, boy or girl, beach or party.
The rest of the range highlights Polygon's penchant for beautiful seasonal colours which for 2010-2011 are soft pastels, think -lavendar, nudes, pink, yellow and the exemplar colours of gold and silver.These shoe colours complement the summer style 2010-2011 looks that include vivid prints, nudes, utilitarian military, tailored and lace.
The shoe ranges' unique styling and detailing will help conjure up a sense of whimsical fun for all children just like our index flash page suggests.
This notion of whimsical fun, day and night wear in the one shoe runs through much of the range, such is the nature of the Polygon range. Timeless!!!!!!!!!
The range is a market shift away form the mass produced shoe, as discerning modern Australian parents look for practicality,edgier design aesthetics within an affordable price bracket.

Sizes 26-34
Limited range in 24-25
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A selection of this range unless sold out is also available at

Kido Store
159 Clovelly Road (Crn Carrington Rd)
Clovelly NSW 2031

Vintage Ladybird
Shop 6B The Settlement, Milton NSW


and many more to come
We hope you enjoy our product.

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Polygon featuring Madame Olenska

Designed and hand printed in Sydney by up and coming print designer and teacher Angela Bekiaris, Madame Olenksa is a brand of artful fashionable basics for children and women.

Each piece is printed to order ensuring that every item is unique. Unique forms take pride of place as does every bump, smudge and irregularity in the paintwork.

We hope you enjoy your one of a kind Madame Olenska piece.
For custom orders and queries please contact madameolenskaprints@gmail.com